Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Johann in Tirol

I spend the weekend with my two women to St. Johann in Tirol where we met a lot of Jana's colleagues for a lovely and relaxing weekend in the snow. Having a baby with us, we enjoyed the snow with photographing and walking.
I think these were the most photographed sunglasses - and an interesting self portrait.

Saturday we saw two sides of the restaurant Grander Schupf: During lunch a normal place catering for skier, and at dinner a first class restaurant - the proper place to celebrate a birthday which three parties did that evening. We also celebrated Jonna's first birthday and she even enjoyed listening to the three alphorns on the stage.

Using the playground was not possible this time.

We had lovely weather and enjoyed the view to the Wilder Kaiser.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beaver Damage at Altmühlsee

Last weekend our family relaxed with my parents at the Jahreszeitenhof near Ansbach. Saturday we drove to the Altmühlsee and walked to the bird island. The most interesting thing for us were not the many birds but the damage done by beavers. We've seen in Fürth's Stadtpark now some beaver damage but the damage done at the Altmühlsee was impressive - and in some ways real art, so I had to document it.

The rest of the left tree looks like a fish - quite impressive beaver art.

There are supposed to be at least three beaver families in the area and we think we found the lodge of one of them.

The beavers even used the bridge close to their lodge for practicing.