Saturday, March 29, 2008

First week of our new life...

Our daughter Jonna is now 8 days old - and since Wednesday both of my girls are at home and I'm slowly getting used to nights with changing diapers instead of sleeping. On Wednesday it was snowing when I awoke and I had to dig out the car since it was covered with more than 5cm of snow - an interesting parallel to her birthday when it was also snowing but the snow did not stay. Now it's getting warmer, so perhaps we can soon show Jonna the Stadtpark in sunshine!

She fascinates me every day - the way she sleeps, cries or makes a grimace. She also seems to enjoy cuddling with her parents. She's eating well and gaining weight daily.
For those of you with kids, that's hardly something extraordinary - but for me everything is exciting ;-). I'm glad to have some more days of vacation to see her grow - and to find a rhythm in domestic live.

She's sleeping now in the same cradle that I slept in already, just the curtain has been sewed especially for Jonna by Jana.

I've been encouraged by all the kind words and congretulations we have received. Thanks a lot!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jonna Ylvi Jaeger

Yesterday - on the 21st of March - was our personal beginning of spring: Our daughter Jonna Ylvi was born. The name Jonna (for pronunciation listen to is a Finish female version of the names John, Jan or Jana, Ylvi means little female wolf and is Norwegian - and when we choose it we did not know that she would be born at full moon.

The first night she tried to check how sharp her finger nails where. During the day the scratches started to heal.

Jana thinks that she has the eyelashes from her dad. She looks really peaceful when sleeping - and can also cry rather loud.

She's 55cm long (21.7 inches) and weights 3750g (8.28 pounds). Compared to her daddy's hand, she's still tiny!

Jana and myself are happy and grateful to have our daughter!