Sunday, May 04, 2008

Wintec WSG-1000 and Geotagging under Linux

I've bought myself a new toy: a Wintec WSG-1000 a GPS datalogger with LCD display. It's compatible on the software side to the Wintec WPS-201 - with a minor detail - so that Linux software supporting the WPS-201 worked for me. I wanted to buy a datalogger for geotagging my photos and favored the WSG-1000 due to it's LCD display with many informative options and the long battery life. An alternative was the Holux M-241 which shows far less information on the small LCD.

Software that I have been using or evaluating so far:
* viking: allows to manage GPS data: You can plot and manipulate tracks and waypoints. The mapping part needs some more love but the rest is rather interesting.
* gtk-g-rays2: Allows to configure the Wintec receiver.
* gpsbabel: An application to download the tracks from the datalogger, convert them to various formats and manipulate them. This needed a small patch to support the WSG-1000. I've added the patch also to the openSUSE 11.0 distribution.
* GPicSync: Allows geotagging of photos. I first had to debug this since it did not want to geotag my directory with photos. It turned out it handled only Nikon RAW files ending with uppercase NEF but my files ended with a lowercase nef. The trivial patch has been sent upstream and the upstream author directly accepted it.
* geotag: Another application to geotag photos. It also allows to display photos and tracks via google earth.

For now I'll stick with gpsbabel to download tracks from the datalogger and with geotag for the tagging.

For basic visualization of tracks, geotag does fulfill the needs I have right now - and for more advanced work, both viking and gpsbabel allow track manipulation - viking in a graphical interactive way, gpsbabel via command line.

I do not know my logger good enough to figure out how useful gtk-g-rays2 will be - but it's good to know that it exists.

As openSUSE user I was interested to note that GPicSync is available from the openSUSE BuildService and gpsbabel is part of the openSUSE distribution. I needed to compile gtk-g-rays2 and viking myself - and geotag comes as a jar archive that I could easily launch.

If you know some better applications, please tell me.


MyGPX's said...

Hello Andreas,
I'm also interesting to WSG-1000 GPS model, but I can't find anywhere product dimension! Could you tell me? Are you satisfied?

Best regards,

Andreas Jaeger said...

Size is: 95 x 53 x 33 mm

Theo said...

Hello Andreas
did you manage it, making the WSG work proberly on ubuntu. I'm connected by GTK-g-rays, but saving the log is an impossible mission (the prog isn't creating any file, just ending the saving opertaion by doing nothing). Do you have any suggestions?

Greetz Tobi

Andreas Jaeger said...

It works fine for me with openSUSE 11.1 - and I use gpsbabel.