Saturday, March 22, 2008

Jonna Ylvi Jaeger

Yesterday - on the 21st of March - was our personal beginning of spring: Our daughter Jonna Ylvi was born. The name Jonna (for pronunciation listen to is a Finish female version of the names John, Jan or Jana, Ylvi means little female wolf and is Norwegian - and when we choose it we did not know that she would be born at full moon.

The first night she tried to check how sharp her finger nails where. During the day the scratches started to heal.

Jana thinks that she has the eyelashes from her dad. She looks really peaceful when sleeping - and can also cry rather loud.

She's 55cm long (21.7 inches) and weights 3750g (8.28 pounds). Compared to her daddy's hand, she's still tiny!

Jana and myself are happy and grateful to have our daughter!


Loki said...

Wishing all the best to your daughter, Jana and of course to yourself ;)

Be prepared for the first bunch of weeks, you'll think back to x86_64 gcc hacking times as a piece of cake ;)

Alberto said...



Marcus Meissner said...

Congratulations :)

Nice to see everything worked out fine.. :)

Ciao, Marcus :)

gekker said...

Congratulations Jana and Andreas!

Francis said...

Congratulations to you and Jana Aj -- you have a beautiful daugher :-)

Josh and Jess said...

Congratulations Jana and Andi and welcome to the wonderful world of blogging little Jonna :) :)
I nearly didn't get your Dad's email because gmail moved it into the Spam folder!!
Looking forward to seeing you all on my Germany visit June/July 2008... will be in touch soon with more details.
Hugs and Kisses from New Zealand!!

HauntedBeing said...

Blessed are out children for they are our future. Congrats on a beautiful daughter and may the future hold bountiful and wonderful days for all 3 of you :)


Paul Mellors said...

Congratulations, ours is due the 6th September :)

-ke- said...

Viel Glück euch allen drei! Schön zu sehen, dass die Familie guter Dinge ist :)


Andreas Jaeger said...

Thanks to all of you for your congratulations!

Jonna, Jana and Andreas

Cristian Rodriguez said...

ohh.. Congrats Andreas !! :-D

Muhammad Rivai said...

Hi AJ,

Congrats for your pretty daughter. as said by Pascal, it would be a busy week in the first bunch of weeks :-)

Thanks for the description of your daughter's name ;-)

Christian Boltz said...


Have a lot of fun with Jonna and Jana ;-)

Klara said...

Congratulations! Jonna is the cutest girl in universe :-).

Kevin Dupuy said...

Congratulations Andreas and Jana! Wishing all the best to you two and your daughter (and openSUSE's newest little community member ;-))

Kelli Frame said...

I wonder if her name "little wolf" has something to do with those scratches on her face. :)

She is beautiful.

swims said...

Congratulations! :-)