Sunday, February 10, 2008

Geese Chase

The Stadtpark in Fürth is home for two dozen or so geese - both Canadian and Graylag Geese. Today my wife and myself enjoyed watching some geese. Around a dozen were grazing on the meadows and suddenly started to fly to the river in groups of three.

They flew straight to us,

but luckily over us and turned to the right,

and landed directly - three meters behind us in the river.

It was quite impressive to see the birds flying that close. I'm glad that my camera was up to speed for capturing this.

Large sizes of these photos are available here.


Ruurd said...

Seems to me (s)he is trying to bomb you in the third picture...

Andreas Jaeger said...

I only noticed at home looking at the photo. I'm glad that the bomb missed.