Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall in Fürth - and Evaluating Flock

I'm writing this article with Flock.  I downloaded Flock 1.0 from the Flock website yesterday, setup my Blogger and Flickr accounts, uploaded the pictures to Flickr (using Flock's easy upload) - here's my complete Fürth photostream -, opened the media stream in Flock and used drag and drop to get the photos in Flock's blog editing window.  Flock is much nicer than using Blogger's photo upload directly.  One downside is that Flock needs quite some space on your desktop - and my laptop has a small screen.

During the last weeks I took some morning walks through Fürth's lovely Stadtpark and really enjoyed the fall.

This first photo shows a sunrise over the meadows.  A red sunrise was really difficult to photograph.  We had many days with fog in the morning but without any sun :-(.

The fog here gives an interesting fall atmosphere, this is at the big pond in the Stadtpark.

I don't know the name of this fruit - I just know it really looked interesting with the fruit having been protected by the flower and I'm thankful for Jana to show it to me.

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