Thursday, September 27, 2007

openSUSE 10.3 Goldmaster...



and myself at our desks waiting for the DVD9s to burn before we can send them to the fab for producing.

After Coolo released openSUSE 10.3 this morning (he started testing at 6am), we did the final tests. I concentrated on the bootloader. This time an update from 10.2 did not try to boot from my non-existing floppy but used the right default - yeah!
In the evening Coolo and Christoph found a package that shouldn't be on the media, so we removed it and moved some packages from the second DVD9 to the first DVD so that all packages in the patterns are on the first DVD.

We have mastered now the media and will now prepare our staging server and then give the mirrors some GBs to download and distribute. The official launch of openSUSE 10.3 will be the 4th of October, a few days later you will find the box product in the shops as well. The box product will contain 2 DVD9 - each nearly 7 GB of RPMs. The downloadable installation media are a 1 CD GNOME, a 1 CD KDE and a 4 GB DVD5 - and in addition both a GNOME and a KDE LiveCD.

We're currently hanging around at the #opensuse-project irc channel on freenode. I've just read the tuxmachines review and heard a lot of praise on the irc channel about 10.3. Thanks to everybody that made 10.3 that good!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lizard Stone 2007

Once every year our Czech colleagues have a weekend event and invite us to join them. This year's event was called "Lizard Stone" and was in Rejštejn. We stayed in the Cabin's from the Pension Klášterský Mlýn.

On saturday we had a full day game searching for the mythical Lizard Stone. It was described to us as:
"The myth of a mysterious gem, called the Lizard Stone has spread in numerous modifications into neigboring countries and exists in many variants today. The oldest documented version talks about an immense gemstone of unfathomable value, which was deposited in a well guarded place in Rejstejn. According to later sources the stone was transported during the departure of the Kints from Rejstejn, after the last great ceremony. It's alleged that this ceremony is related to the SuSuSu festivity, still held regularly today. The reader can find more detailed information about this important event in the "Treatise on Lands of Wirm" by prof. Verdal."

We've been walking for over 12 hours through the forests, over some meadows - and quite often up and down the hills.

We met a lot of interesting characters including a dragon, a ranger, some sages and a lumberjack and collected various items and lots of information about the Lizard stone.

It was a really long day and I really enjoyed the sunset near Castle Kašperk.

Once we had everything together and reached the final place in the night, we found the melody needed for the ceremony that is needed for the Sususu festival.

The role play ended with a big party and some fireworks.

A really fun day - thanks to all that organised it!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Visiting Fürth's Hidden Secrets - its Yards

As part of Fürth's 1000 year celebrations, more than seventy yards were made available to the public. Normally you can sneak into them if the door is open but for most of them I would not have known at all that they exists if nobody pointed them out.

Thorsten joined Jana and myself for the saturday tour. We started in our own street - with a small and very green garden that I would not have expected in our neighbourhood.

This rose was found besides a narraw path - the Pfarrgasse.

Fürth has lots of old houses, some of them - like the Stadlershof - have been nicely restored in the past years.

To reach most of the yards, you had to walk through the front house. These passways have quite often been really nicely decorated.

The contrast between the yards is amazing: there are more modern ones like the last one, some are totally green, others just used for parking cars,... In most of the yards was some kind of activity where the inhabitants played with kids, served food, sold art, played music etc. This was some kind of big neighborhood party with friendly neighbors inviting you in. A special thanks to the owners of these lovely yards!

The last two yards are just of the main pedestrian area. Jana and myself went today out to visit some more of these yards and were surprised to see the streets and yards crowded with visitors.