Thursday, May 31, 2007

openSUSE day is over - Linuxtag continues

In the afternoon we had two mobile computer related talks. Timo's presentation (see photo above) showed in his presentations some areas were Linux has to improve, e.g. he did some initial measurements for suspend to disk that shows that Mac OS X is faster than Vista and both are faster than openSUSE 10.2. Compressing the disk image during suspend gives an improvement of 30 % for openSUSE but we're still the slowest.:-( The question is now on how to move forward here. Timo also talked about fingerprint sensor support - he's one of the main authors in this area -, powermanagement and wireless support.

In the evening Patrick presented openSUSE on the Sony Playstation 3.

Today you'll find us at the openSUSE booth. Matthias Hopf will talk later today about compiz and Larry Ewing will take part in a panel discussion about the future of the desktop.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

openSUSE Day at Linuxtag

Today is openSUSE Day at Linuxtag. Marcus gave an excellent presentation about fotomanagement under Linux, other talks are still ongoing. We have a lot of discussion at the booth.

Christoph has setup a webcam under the ip address of which we'll try to keep online during the Linuxtag show hours.

Setting up the Linuxtag Booth

Yesterday Adrian and myself drove through heavy rain to Berlin for Linuxtag 2007. Christoph and Martin were already there and had started setting up the booth.

During the setup we met a lot of friends, like Tux and Stepan. Both were heading for the LinuxBIOS booth.

In the evening all that a large group of us went to Spätzle restaurant off Ku-damm. We even trank "Berliner Weisse" in the Novell and openSUSE colours (Timo choose strawberry, I choose woodruff).

Today is openSUSE day with seven presentations. You can meet us also at our booth which is Halle 12, Stand 52.

Linuxwochen in Wien with openSUSE Talk

This week there's not only Linuxtag in Berlin - from where I'm blogging this - but also Linuxwochen ("Linuxweeks") in Vienna, Austria. There will be a talk by Gerald Pfeifer on openSUSE - both the project and the distribution.