Sunday, September 02, 2007

Visiting Fürth's Hidden Secrets - its Yards

As part of Fürth's 1000 year celebrations, more than seventy yards were made available to the public. Normally you can sneak into them if the door is open but for most of them I would not have known at all that they exists if nobody pointed them out.

Thorsten joined Jana and myself for the saturday tour. We started in our own street - with a small and very green garden that I would not have expected in our neighbourhood.

This rose was found besides a narraw path - the Pfarrgasse.

Fürth has lots of old houses, some of them - like the Stadlershof - have been nicely restored in the past years.

To reach most of the yards, you had to walk through the front house. These passways have quite often been really nicely decorated.

The contrast between the yards is amazing: there are more modern ones like the last one, some are totally green, others just used for parking cars,... In most of the yards was some kind of activity where the inhabitants played with kids, served food, sold art, played music etc. This was some kind of big neighborhood party with friendly neighbors inviting you in. A special thanks to the owners of these lovely yards!

The last two yards are just of the main pedestrian area. Jana and myself went today out to visit some more of these yards and were surprised to see the streets and yards crowded with visitors.

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