Sunday, March 11, 2007

Odd Details in Fürth

We had once again a sunny sunday in Fürth and decided to walk through the city with our cameras and look out for the odd details you normally don't see.

This is directly at the Rathaus, part of some art installation called "Fürth Bemutterung 2007".

Fürth is celebrating its 1000's birthday and this week the 10th Klezmer Festival. Between the Klezmer flags at the Rathaus, there was also one odd flag - the flag of Tibet. I'm not sure whether it really belonged there. (Note I just learned it's part of a campaign by the Tibet Initiative.)

The whisky shop behind the Rathaus had this sign in its shopping window.

I've never seen such a house number before - a half is not used at all. It just shows that Fürth is full of surprises.

I guess this is the window of a former shop that's now a normal flat and the owners wanted to show something in their window.

The toy shop at the Wirtschaftsrathaus had this model car standing on the heater in their shopping window.

This is an opening in one of the doors of the Rathaus. But why is there a power plug?

I found a couple of weeks ago Zonebattler's Homepage and enjoy reading his blog and looking at his photos - not only but also about curiosities in Fürth. Fürth is really a nice city full of suprises.

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