Friday, February 23, 2007

Travelling to Brussels for FOSDEM

We arrived in Brussels for FOSDEM and if we would have been just 5 minutes earlier at the airport, we would have left it 90 minutes earlier: Just after we got our luggage the airport was closed because of a bomb alarm. And they closed the exit we just wanted to get through :-(. The evacuation plan consisted of sending everybody to terminal A, just in front of the security check-in. So, instead of beeing really evacuated we were in some "safe" distance under earth and waited for what would happen next. The information policy was non-existant, they did two announcements in flamish over the speakers but nobody understood them - until in the end when everything was open again the announcement came additionally in English.

At the security check-in everybody made himself comfortable, some took boxes - those used for the security check-in - to sit on, and then waited. Most of of our group were using their laptops to hacking, watching some films, preparing their talks...

Finally we arrived at our hotel and I went with a group to get a small dinner.

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