Sunday, November 05, 2006

Freedom Trail in Boston

My colleagues and I walked today the complete Freedom Trail in the "Walking City" Boston which connects a couple of historic sites. It was a bit cold but we had lovely sunshine the whole time.

A special highlight was a short detour in a large bookshop to buy some books and magazines.

The trail starts at the Massachusetts State House which is build on top of Beacon Hill.

We passed a statue of the statesmen Samuel Adams who was "incorruptible and fearless" - our countries need more like him.

It was still pumpkin season but we did not see as many as I did the day before.

The fall colours were really beautiful, it was just difficult to take pictures that showed it.

USS Constitution - the oldest Navy ship still in service, we even had to go through a security check with baggage x-ray and metal detector. The contrast between the old ship and some modern necessities was gross.

Finally we took the water taxi back to the city center, enjoying the view of the city from the harbour and after a short lunch...

walked to the underground - entering below the old state house - and finally arrived by bus to the hotel and from there back to Germany via Zürich.

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