Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Flying to Boston

I left this morning for the US to meet at the Cambridge offices. We sat in the plane in Nuernberg, went through the security explanations and then the pilot told us that he just got information about fog at the Frankfurt airport and we would get a slot only an hour later.
According to the original plan, we had two hours time in Frankfurt but landed finally at the time the plane to Boston was scheduled to leave.

Kurt - who arrived by train - was on the plane and told us that they were still waiting a few minutes. But running to the gate would have been at least 30 minutes (including the extra US security checks) and unfortunately Frankfurt airport did not organize to bring us via bus to the gate. So, Micha and myself had to change flights, arrived just a few minutes before check-in time at the gate, and were sent via Washington D.C. - just passing Boston - and then back to Boston, with a scheduled arrival there in the evening (18:19) instead of at noon (12:15). Washington Dulles was a mess of an airport with overly long queues for immigration and customs - over 90 minutes queuing in total - and once we were through customs, our plane had left already. Fortunately an hour later the next plane brought us to Boston.

If we would have got the original plane in Frankfurt, our luggage would not have made it - and sitting in the plane I saw it getting loaded out of one box and then in again and just hoped that this luggage box would go into our plane as well - as it did. I moved it through customs in Washington - and then it disappeared :-(. Hope to get it soon. My colleagues received their luggage, just mine got lost.

Joe was flying in from Munich to Frankfurt, and he was even later than us in Frankfurt, he has been taking a machine after us but managed to fly with us on the final leg to Boston.

Having a window seat over the Atlantic, I enjoyed looking out and even took some pictures - it was a sunny flight and some rather interesting clouds. One time we even overtook a Delta machine that was flying several hundred feets below of us.

I'm glad that I'm now at the hotel - after more than 20 hours of travelling :-(, and with missing two planes in a single day.

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