Monday, September 18, 2006

Indian Summer 2006 - SUSE Teambuilding Event

Our Prague colleagues invited us to the so-called Indian Summer 2006 event in Harrachov, Czech republic. Harrachov is located in the Giant Mountains close to the Polish border. The event took part after the SUSE Labs conference, so that I had a chance to meet not only most colleagues from Prague but also the Labs developers from Australia, Italy, France, the US etc.

Early friday morning (8am), our group of 25 developers left for Harrachov. Our bus drove us directly to a shooting range where we got some food and practised with air guns. We then went to the Hotel where the first preparation for the saturday event had to be done during our BBQ: Building a team of four people with at least three different nationalities. Our team consisted of Jiri (Czech), Jean (French), Sonja (German) and myself (German).

Saturday morning the "computer adventure like game" started. We were sent running through Harrachov from one place to another where each place corresponded to a place in the virtual world, e.g. we were in the middle of a real forest but our virtual world told us we were in an archive. At each place a short story was written and we could choose which action to take next. Sometimes real and virtual world were connected, in the virtual world we had lots of contacts with miners and therefore visited in the real world an old mine and exited through the emergency exit. Then in the virtual world we were at the end of an alley and had to figure our way out of it - and in the real world we had to abseil from the ski jump. In the virtual world we had the item "hunger" in our inventory and removed that after visiting a place in the real world you would call a restaurant - and the virtual taxi ride was done with real horses.

The game started at 9am and our team was the first team to finish the game around 5:30pm - the last came 4 hours later - but could only answer four out of five questions about the game and therfore did not win. Nevertheless we fully enjoyed the game and walking through Harrochov and its surroundings.

Sunday we visited a Glass factory with a mini brewery. Three of our group got a crash course in glas-making and created a piece of crystal. Unfortunately we then had to drive back to Germany.

The organizing team had done a great job creating the game and planning the whole weekend, all of us really enjoyed it!

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