Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Novell Cool Blog: Who's AJ?

I've been asked to participate in Novell's cool blogs and will cross post my entries I add there here as well. Here's my first entry:

I’ve been with S.u.S.E, SuSE, SUSE Linux and now Novell for 7 years. My first job was continuing what I did before I joined: Development of the GNU C Library (glibc). In that engineering role I ported glibc to x86-64 (as AMD64 was called at that time) - and at the same time also lead the project at SUSE to port Linux to x86-64. I’m currently responsible for our SUSE Linux distribution and involved with the openSUSE project. Since we’ll rename the distribution with our next release to “openSUSE”, I’m working now on “openSUSE 10.2″.

openSUSE is more than just the SUSE Linux distribution, it’s our way to build together with the community “cool” software:
  • We’re working heavily on the new openSUSE build service which allows to build packages for a variety of distributions, we support not only SUSE Linux releases but also e.g. Ubuntu.
  • The wiki and the mailing lists were our first milestones when we launched the project 12 months ago.
  • Since SUSE Linux 10.0, we have an open bugzilla to publically report bugs.
  • We have an IRC channel and also hold regular open meetings there.

The different sub-projects will be discussed by myself and my fellow cool-blogger colleagues in the next weeks.

I’m living in Germany and work from Novell’s German engineering office in Nürnberg. Older blog posts of myself and some ore private stuff can be found at

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James Gosling said...

Keep up the good work Andreas, Open SUSE 10.2 is a cool product. I'm using it right now. I'm a long-time Novell devotee who has followed their lead into linux and open source. Studying for my linux certs at the moment and learning something new everyday. I seriously rate OpenSUSE 10.2 which I run in place of Windows at home, out-of-the-box it comes so fully loaded.. Impressive! My blog can be found at