Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Gunreben Wedding

Last weekend Berthold and Marion had their great day - and not only chose to invite Jana and myself as their colleagues and friends but also as the official wedding photographers. We refused
to take the real "official" staged photos of the couple but took lots of photos: from the decoration of the church the day before, guests before the church, the ceremony and the big party.

We really enjoyed the wedding despite - or because of - all the photos we were taking. Berthold is a musician - but not employed as such - and plays the tuba expertly. He had lots of friends and family members invited who made the wedding a delight to listen: A choir of friends and family sung at the ceremony, Berthold played with his brass quintett in the afternoon, a band played during the evening - with different members and different styles...

Taking photos on such an event is a huge task for both equipment and photographers so we borrowed an extra flash from a local shop, had most of our lenses and cards with us including a Jobo drive to empty the cards once they were full. I'm not sure how much Jana ate, but do know that we were more standing and taking photos then sitting at our table. Looking at my photos I'm torn with delight and glad about the positive feedback - and then again think that so many could be much better and that Jana's are better than mine (and she sometimes thinks the opposite). Nevertheless we did enjoy it!

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Tony said...

Enjoyed reading your wedding feedback, just got married in Scotland 3 weeks ago, one of the best words at my wedding was given by my best man - he embarassed me by saying, 'behind every successful man is an astonished mother in law.' - She was sitting right next to me, and she blushed!
Take care - Tony