Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bardentreffen Nürnberg 2006

Friday to Sunday we were at the Bardentreffen in Nürnberg. The Bardentreffen is a Singer-Songwriter Festival taking place at seven public stages in Nürnberg with with more than 60 bands in the official program - and a lot of musicians playing on private venues or just on the street - and everything for free! Jana's two sisters and our friend Christoph visited us to listen with more than 200 000 people to the various performances.

Friday evening we first listened for a few songs to the Japanese band PASCAL. The music was not my style but it was interesting to see the band perform in a crazy way. The drummer was the clown of the band, the chimes player was using a rubber duck to play.

We soon went on to the next stage and listened to Chumbawamba acoustic who sang about "war, homophobia, fascism and the like" - great voices and some good songs of protest.

Saturday it was time for SIRBA - playing klezmer and balkan music. The women playing the tuba and the saxophones were the better half of the excellent team, I've seldomed heard the tuba performed so good. After that we listened really briefly to Trio Mundo on another stage, we moved on to the next stage:

Here Monsters of Liedermaching, a team of six men signing some funny songs, made us laugh a lot.

On Sunday we first listened to Mckinley Black and her guitar, and then moved on to the stage on the Insel Schü...

on the way we listened to The Midden playing at the beergarden of O'Shea's Irish Pub. The three sisters from Glasgow amazed us already last year.

We then listened to a spanish band called Costo Rico. Before going home, we enjoyed some anonymous singer with his guitar on the street.

All in all three long days with lots of great music - and look forward to next year's Bardentreffen.

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