Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Searching for Offline Blog Editors

During my vacation I noticed the need for an offline blog editor which should have the following features:
  • Creation of several blog entries while not connected to the internet
  • Inclusion of photos and automatic upload of all pictures when the entry is done (a better image upload function to blogger might make me switch even for online blogging).
  • Needs to support Blogger since my blog is hosted there.
  • Spell checking and formatting support would be nice but is not essential.
I tested the following editors that run under Linux:
  • Bleezer: It did not upload the image I put in the text and therefore is unusable for me. Upload of text worked.
  • JBlogEditor: The application crashed on me. I tried it a couple of weeks ago and there it worked but it did not convince me and I don't remember the details any more.
  • gnome-blog: It does not support uploading of images with blogger. The user interface is rather basic and only the website told me that using drag and drop was the way to add images.
  • Drivel: Can not upload images at all.
  • BloGTK: I did not test it since it does not seem to be able to upload pictures as well.
  • Picasa: Uploading of pictures worked fine but it did not gave the blog entry a title. Unfortunately picaso does not have off-line support and therefore is not an option either.
  • Performancing for Firefox: This one uploads photos only to an ftp server but not to blogger.
  • Flock: The beta browser looks fine but instead of uploading an image it uploaded the filename of it.
During my vacation I used Emacs to write the text, added a short note about which photo should go there - and then spend a couple of hours uploading and formatting everything once I was home again. That's not the way I like it but for now I see no alternative, none of the programs tested supported both uploading of images and offline editing.

I'm interested how others have solved this and whether I have missed a solution.


Martin Vidner said...

I took interest in this topic and tried the tools that you write about and looked for more on freshmeat. Then I concluded that I should try to write a minimalist blogging client myself.

As I was looking at the latest Blogger API, it dawned on me that it does not seem to support images at all. Or maybe it does but in a non obvious way which makes the tool authors prone to miss the feature.

OTOH the Atom Publishing Protocol explicitly specifies how to publish non-text content so I hope that we will have more luck with the newer API.

Stojance Dimitrovski said...

Hay, man! I am writing a application for this and I have to tell you that GData still has no support for uploading of images.

It's really stupid, I know.

jjh said...


I have exactly the same use-case scenario as you - and haven't been able to find anything to do the job - do you ever find anything since then?

Email i@me.net.nz

Pascal said...

Did you every find the right editor that is able to solve your problems since I am looking exactly for that type of solution as well

Tone said...

Have you tried this?


It's $39.99 but there is a trial, I have yet to check it out.