Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Vacation - 7th June, Oslo

This morning we went to the tourist office to exchange our vouchers against the Oslo Pass which gives free entrance to museums and free transportation. Unfortunately our vouchers were not valid - we need to talk with our travel agent in Germany and get them refunded. After
we bought new ones, we took the ferry to Bygdoy to visit some museums. Waiting for the ferry we noticed the harbour cleaning ship called Pelican.

On Bygdoy we first went to Norsk Folkemuseum with a large number of traditional buildings in an open-air museum. The most beautiful one was the Gol Stavkirke. Taking photos was a challenge since many buildings were black - and the sky was cloudy (white) giving a high contrast.

We then went to the Vikingshiphuset to look at some 1100 years old viking ships. They looked quite impressive and had beautiful carvings. The Kon-Tiki Museet was next and showed some of Thor Heyerdahl's original ships. Next was the ship Fram which was build 1892 and sailed farther north and south than any other ship before. The last museum was Nrosk Sjøfartsmuseum - we were tired by then and didn't really appreciate the museum.

In the evening we had a lovely dinner at the Cajun Cafe (again outside), the food was superb - only the lobster "survived" since it starred so intense at Jana. Afterwards we walked to Aker Brygge and were supprised to see some katamaran racing ships promenading since the next days will see different regattas including on friday the Færderseilasen will take place - an overnight regatta.

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