Friday, June 23, 2006

Vacation - 23rd June: Lofoten: Final day

It's always amazing how fast the weather changes and clouds form - and change their shape. We had today again sunshine and rain, with a light breeze coming up. The first two photos were taken yesterday evening, the last one today.

A view of Krystad from the other side of the fjord, our house is just visible. Jana did a closer shot with her longer lens. We drove today through Moskensøy and enjoyed the small fishing villages and said good-bye.

In the afternoon I took a couple of shots of a pair of birds - called Tjelp in Norwegian, Austernfischer in German - that lived in our garden and made high "tjelp" noises as soon as anybody came close to them. Some days ago they even attacked and scared some sea gulls away.

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