Thursday, June 22, 2006

Vacation - 22nd June: Lofoten: Flakstadstien

Wonderful calm water at 9am, the mountains are mirrored in the fjord.

We decided to do the Nesland to Nusfjord track - part of the so called Flakstadstien - and drove to Nesland - but it was so rainy that we returned to our cozy house. At 1pm it stopped and cleared so we left again and drove this time to Nusfjord to do the track the other way (the road to Nusfjord is much better than the one to Nesland).

The track is - according to our travel guide - well marked. But the first one or two kilometers not much of this is seen unless we found this sign.

The track went along the coast going up and down as needed and we followed it for about two hours and then decided to return. Soon the weather got worse - we were walking in t-shirts which is a first time for this vacation! - and it started to drizzle and then it poured.

I took a couple of photos of flowers on the way - thanks to Jana for pointing some of these out to me. There were a lot of orchids (in german called "Knabenkraut") and other tiny flowers - really beautiful.

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