Friday, June 16, 2006

Vacation - 16th June: Lofoten

We woke up at 5am, guess it was too quiet outside. Looking out of the windows we noticed a wonderful sunlight over Krystad, took some photos and continued to sleep in the hope that the weather will stay good.

Standing up the weather was still fine - no more storm and rain but still coldish. We drove to Ytresand and walked along the sandy beach.

Nusfjord was our next destination. Nusfjord is a secluded fishing village which was put on the UNESCO world heritage list in 1975. It has some lovely Rorbuer around the harbour as well as lots of stockfish to show off for the tourists.

In the evening we first visited the Lofotr Viking Museum and then Sagaspelet Lofotr 2006. The museum's main exhibit is a beautifully reconstructed chieftain's hall. Inside of the hall and in the whole area are displays of viking age including old species of farm animals and a forge.

At the fjord they have a replica of a Viking ship - and in that open air area - sitting on the ground, the Norwegians arriving in their winter gear - the Sagaspelet (a drama playing in the Viking era including Viking saga) took place.

The Sagaspelet was completely in Norwegian so we had to guess a lot but with the little understanding we had enjoyed the play and acting.

Olaf Tvennumbruni, chief of Borg, torn by the elves.

Olaf and one of the three Nornes.

Tore, chief of Gimsøya, arrives with his household in the Lofotr Viking ship.

The ship gets unloaded.

The three Nornes weaving the loom of fate.

The play had a total of 71 actors, including 40 statists that did a lot of crucial "background activity" while the main play was going on.

Gyda, daughter of Tore and Ranghild, and Åsgaut, son of Olaf and Åshild, welcome each other.

The elves dancing around the young couple after their engagement.

The two chiefs fighting.

The first live has been spilled, the second follows.


At the end the elves disappear completely in the water - the most heroic act of the whole play, water and air were both chilly (around 10 degree Celsius).

The actors and the spectators both enjoyed the play which went on for two hours. I guess there were around 200 people watching - and most of them were somehow related to the actors. If it's warmer, it's definitely worth a visit next year even for tourists that only understand a little Norwegian!

Driving back we stopped at Fredvang Beach and enjoyed it at 10 pm.

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