Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Vacation - 13th June: Lofoten

We woke up at a quarter to 3 in the morning, took a photo of the midnight sun in the north - and went back to sleep.

It was raining in Krystad and we decided to first inform ourselves in the Lofotr Viking Muesum about the Sagaspelet on Friday and Saturday. On the way we made a short photo stop near Ramberg and enjoyed a nice sandy beach.

Since it was sunny and dry we drove on to Unstad, a small village at the outer side (west side to the open ocean) of the Lofoten. We started the walk to Eggum and returned after half an hour since the way was a bit too exposed. We drove to Sortland, another small village in the area and walked, photo graphed and relaxed there for two hours.

The wind was blowing the clouds fast and we saw some impressive clouds - and the sun appearing and disappearing between the clouds every few minutes. On both sides of the valley the mountains were rising steep, green with grass and sheep on the side we walked on but dark stone and even snow on the other side.

At the point of return, we found some beautiful pitches with white "wollgrass" (that's the german word, not sure what the english say).

Driving back to Krystad we were amazed by the combination of clouds and sun at the mountains. Most of them was seen with our hearts and impossible to capture with a camera. The light in Lofoten is of a different "quality": the clear water coloured in green and blue, the white sandy beaches, the green grass with yellow flowers, the blue sky with its white and grey clouds, the green and black mountains - sometimes with snow fields. Our cameras can only capture a bit of it - while we are amazed.

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