Saturday, June 10, 2006

Vacation, 10th June: Oslo, Lofoten

This morning we said good-bye to sunny and warm Oslo and flew to Leknes on the Lofoten Islands - and had a temperature drop from 25 degrees to 12 degrees, with rain in the evening.

The Lofoten Islands are part of Norway and are north of the Polar Circle which currently has midnight sun - the sun is not going down at all.

Our cottage - located in the small village of Krystad - is really cosy and the view from it is superb. The first task was to get ourselves - and the cottage - warm. Some hot tea and a warm dinner were the first aid - and then at the third trial I succeeded in lighting the oven to heat our living room. The clouds are quite low which makes the view a bit more dramatic - and we have nice view in all directions of the house. We now have 10pm and still do not need any light, we even saw the sun trying to come out between some clouds - the midnight sun is amazing.

The two photos above are views from our cottage.

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