Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We've finished last thursday SUSE Linux 10.1 and those last two days were - as usual - quite hectic with testing and fixing of shipment blockers.
This release took a lot longer than needed to get package management and Xen in a good shape - and we also managed to get the rest of the product in a great shape during that time!

I've received a lot of friendly words of encouragement from various members of the openSUSE community that tested 10.1 - and we got lots of bug reports and suggestions for SUSE Linux. At Novell/SUSE I'm glad to be really part of a team that worked together to get a good 10.1 out - especially my project manager colleagues took over responsibility for some parts and developers worked and tested parts of the product they are normally not involved with. I'm really glad for all this!

This week I worked only on monday and have the rest off. There're quite a couple of things that need to be done now. First thing I did yesterday was booking our holiday, Jana and myself will spend a couple of days in Oslo and then stay for a fortnight on the Lofoten islands. We found a nice house in the middle of nowhere (no internet ;-), just 25m away from the north sea. I'm looking forward to lots of walking and photographing!

Yesterday I also updated my last machine to SUSE Linux 10.1. The update from 10.0 went without any problems at all.


Dietrich said...

From a loyal SuSE user,
Many Thanks!


E@zyVG said...

Many many tnx to you and the whole team .... now waiting for the release eagerly.

toorg said...

Just a sincere word of thanks for the stunning work you guys are doing.


Editingwhiz said...

Andreas, I'm with Thanks for all your (and the team's) hard work. One question: Which kernel is 10.1 using? Please send me an email at with the answer. Thanks! /cp

snow mannishboy said...

i appreciate the hard work you and the gang put towards this release. don't sweat the delay - working code is always better than busted code no matter the time frame. well, unless you're waiting for Vista!

happy trails