Sunday, May 28, 2006

Blue Ball Night in Nuremberg

Yesterday Thorsten, Jana and myself went to the Blue Ball Night in Nuernberg. This year's Blue Night had as theme the ball due to the football world cup. There were more than 60 events in the town and we visited a few and took some photos. A lot of places were nicely illuminated, some like the castle with a beautiful show, others just in blue. At the Gewerbemuseum was a ballet class giving a presentation that we enjoyed. Below are some of the photos I took.

Nürnberger Akademie - "The Blue Palais" - illuminated in different colors advertising for the "Staatsoper Nürnberg".
A lot of balls together like a wing over the river Pegnitz - this picture was taken with zooming out during the exposure (thanks Jana for the idea!).

The Nürnberg Castle was lit as "The Great Ball Machine", with changing images.
This is part of the world cup art exhibition.

The "Balletförderzentrum Nürnberg" gave a great performance - many of the dancers were in Baroque costumes.

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