Friday, August 26, 2005

Codenames of 10.0 Betas

Following some idea of our Prague colleagues, the codenames for our 10.0 Betas are places where Novell developers work. We started with Beta1 called Prague, continued with Beta2 called Boston (it's actually Cambridge) and now Beta3 is called
Bangalore since Novell has a development center there which is involved with 10.0 development and testing! The grub boot screen shows some parts of each city, so after an installation of Beta3, you'll be greated by some place in Bangalore.

Rodrigo and Martin told me now that it's the Vidhana Soudha which is Karnataka's Legislative assembly. Thanks!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta3 on PowerPC

One of the wishes that users come up once we launched openSUSE was a distribution of PowerPC. With Beta3 we now have released a first beta for PowerPC. The quality is not as high as the one for the x86 platforms (AMD x86+ AMD64, Intel ia32 and EM64T) and we will not sell the PowerPC distribution but nevertheless, it's out on the openSUSE mirrors soon!

Before downloading, please read
the PowerPC documentation and decide whether this is something for you.

The Beta3 for the x86 platforms is ready as well, everything will be announced soon.

Neither Christmas nor Easter - but Beta3...

While testing SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta3 there seems to be a random chance of 1:30 to find our easter egg by accident. It happened to me yesterday during the pre-release testing and I enjoyed it so much that I needed to figure out how to reproduce it and write about it. I'm only showing a small part of the easteregg and no animation. Kudos to Steffen!

Btw. did you find Supertux - or the other easter eggs in this easter egg?

Have a lot of fun!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Wedding time for Antje and Arnim

Antje and Arnim are two friends back from university that got married last saturday. We took friday off and used the trip north to spend a day with my parents before driving on to the wedding ceremony which took place in the town church of Ratingen. The thing that most surprised me during the ceremony was the first of the two Scottish melodies played on the organ: "Amazing Grace" is well-known but I've never heard it such on an organ, the instrument sounded nearly like real bagpipes and was excellently played!

We've been also glad to meet Mirjam and Thomas again. Arnim and Thomas as initiators - and myself - were at university part of the Waldmeister Engineering Crew where we developed a high performance theorem prover.

I took quite a couple of photos during the day- including some from a different place while the official wedding photos were taken (some kind of making of).

The wedding celebrations took place directly beside
Burg Linn in Krefeld. The old historic town of Linn and the castle were quite impressive and I enjoyed taking some photos of the castle like the one shown here around midnight.

Friday, August 12, 2005

10.0 Progress

For SUSE Linux 10.0 beta2 a lot of bugs are getting fixed right now, thanks for all bug reports! Additionally beta2 will contain GNOME 2.12beta2 (thanks Gary!), kcal (a new VOIP application), ...

I integrated a fix for GCC PR 23326 which caused a miscompilation of kopete and we earlier added another GCC fix that let to miscompilation of libpcap (worked around for beta1 with -fno-strict-aliasing, now fixed properly).

The kernel got a number of fixes - including those from upstream going into 2.6.13. The current kotd (kernel-of-the-day) can be downloaded from our server or one of its mirrors.

Unfortunately localization is still work in progress.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Green Caps are too popular

Since I blogged about the green caps, I got several email enquiries on how to get these. The only chance is really to go to LWE in San Francisco. I run out of those that I received and even did not have enough for everybody locally :-(.

Perhaps we should start a merchandising shop selling those green hats...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Green Hats

When I first heard that we wanted to give away green hats at LWE I was a bit surprised but then figured out that those are not hats but baseball caps. Today we received in Nuernberg a small number of these caps that I distributed to everybody that I met. I had my camera with me and took some quick photos telling everybody to upload the photo as part of the openSUSE user page. So, if you notice some strange photos of people wearing openSUSE baseball caps on the openSUSE userpages like Harald, then don't be surprised and blame me. I had a lot of fun being Father Christmas - giving out the caps and taking pictures, until I run out of caps :-(.

OpenSUSE is launched

Yeah, we've opened the website and bugzilla and put beta1 up. Great work by various folks until the last second.

I've installed beta1 on both my work station (I'm writing this using beta1) and my laptop. It's a beta and has some Known problems - I'm happy to use it until beta2 appears ;-).

The Heise article has been published, let's see whether our servers will be busy now.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Blogging Problems?

James Ogley proboses to use RSS and I've created a RSS feed via feedburner. Does this help?

Yeah, I'm trying already others to blog - or to syndicate. There're Christoph and Holger now but I don't know whether these will be permanent.

OpenSUSE preparation

Besides answering a number of emails about openSUSE, we've prepared for the open beta test. I'm running now on my laptop our internal build (called preview4). The update of the RPMs from 9.3 went smooth but running some of the apps showed some rough edges, e.g. crashing applications. The profile switcher SCPM did not work
after the update, so I had to recreate my network configuration. This particular issue should be fixed now.

Since I installed on my IBM x40 laptop, I have to mention that the powersaving features, like frequency scaling, suspend to disk and suspend to resume work fine - this time suspend to resume worked without the need to add the acpi_sleep parameter that was needed for 9.3 to reinitialize the video card.

With the chance to fix (and introduce) a couple of bugs, beta 1 will be definitely beta quality :-).

Btw. does anybody know why my blog entries show up with a greaeter than on Planet SUSE and on Planet Novell? Is this a bug or can I do something here?

Commenting on Seb Payne's openSUSE ideas

Reading Seb Payne's OpenSUSE - Ideas for SUSE Linux, I'd like to give some comments:

2. Have a look at our upcoming SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta1.

5. Officially it's SUSE already since some time. As it is with name changes, not everybody is happy with these, you can still find a website explaining the change from "S.u.S.E" to "SuSE" - and some time later it was changed to all caps. So, it's SUSE and openSUSE.

8. OpenSUSE is also about outside contribution. If somebody develops such a frontend or a QT-Theme so that YaST looks like a GNOME application, then let's discuss inclusion of it.

16.: We'd like to have a stable API and therefore waited for inotify to stabilize. Since inotify has been accepted by Linus, we'll have it in our kernel (btw. we're using 2.6.13-rcX now which has it also by default).

All theming issues: This is a can of worms, I'm not sure whether we found something that everybody agrees with. Let's better integrate these different themes in such a way that users have the choice to personalize their systems.

The other points are something that should be discussed on the mailing lists once they're up, I'd like to see more discussion on them.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

OpenSUSE is public - a bit early...

When I first read yesterday morning the article on eweek I was rather frustrated. We've been working hard to keep this a secret because we wanted to
surprise the world at Linux World Expo San Francisco. Now it's been leaked, and also some of the information is not accurate.

On the other hand the week before, I've read the Linux magazine article by Jason Perlow . That one was an interesting read since it gave some background and proposals for openSUSE by
somebody that has not been involved with the project at all. I really liked Jason's suggestion to name the project "Geeko".

I'm glad to see other bloggers on Planet SuSE react enthusiastically like
Seb Payne or James Ogley (Yes, James, it's for real).

So, the project is called and spelled "openSUSE" and not "Geeko" - and to be announced next week. More on it later.

Btw. we will continue to deliver a product for the retail market but it will be called "SUSE Linux 10.0", so we removed the "Professional" from it.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bardentreffen Nuernberg

Last weekend was Bardentreffen (literal translation: Meeting of singers) in Nuernberg. On seven different places in the city (open air) more than 50 bands were part of the official program - and there were a number of smaller groups on the street playing music - and all for free. Claudi and Christoph visited us and we had a really cool weekend:

On friday we listend to the band Weißwurscht is - a bavarian band that played good music and let us laugh a lot. Afterwards we had some lunch and listened to the Modena City Ramblers. Unfortunately a real bad storm hit the whole festival and we arrived home completely wet.

Saturday afternoon Jana and Christoph gave us a private concert, they played on all four of Jana's recorders various pieces and seemed to have really enjoyed it. Afterwards we listened to the Scottish band Breabach and then to the acapella singers Flying Pickets. Then we walked around to listen to some other group but neither the Old Blind Dogs nor Julie Delpy could convince us.

Sunday evening we listened with more than 20000 others at the Hauptmarkt to the highlight (at least in our opinion): Capercaillie. All of them played excellent but we had the most fun watching David Robertson enjoy playing the bongos.
On monday, Jana still had sore hands from the whole clapping :-).

Yesterday evening I went through all the photos that I've taken and searched for the nicest one. I did not realize before how difficult it is to take great photos of concerts. Thorsten gave me some hints on taking better photos and Jana was my worst critic. After going once through the list, I counted them and noticed I had
42 photos so I decided to call it a day and publish these.

I'm looking forward to next year's Bardentreffen from 28. to 30. July 2006.