Thursday, October 20, 2005

Vacation in Pardell/Klausen, South Tyrol, Italy

We spend a week at the Gasserhof in Pardell which is a village near the town Klausen in South Tyrol. The appartment we had was lovely and we enjoyed also the hospitality (including some lovely cakes and chestnuts on saturday - yummy) of the Gasser family.

The photo above shows Pardell, our sunny south balcony (we had also an east balcony for the sunset) can be seen - if you know where to look ;-) - in the right part of the picture.


Driving to South Tyrol, we took a small detour along the Fernpass and the Reschenpass. After the Reschenpass we made a short stop near the famous church in the lake: Reschensee is an artificial lake built 1949 to gain electrical power. A whole village was destroyed with the exception of the church tower and this tower looks out of the lake.


A short walk below our appartment, is the Säben Monastery. The Hl. Kreuzkirche has some beautiful mural paintings. After visiting the monastery we walked down to Klausen via the crossroad and then up the panorama way and back home again. Both ways gave us some nice views of Klausen and Säben, especially the crossroad showed a new view after each corner.


The sunrise was really beautiful. From 7:34am to 8:15 I went every few minutes to our east balcony and photographed the Geisler tops as the sun rose behind them. During the day we did another walk directly from our appartment to get to know the area better: Up to the little village of Verdings and further to Latzfons.


We drove up to the Zanser Alm in the Villnöss-Valley and walked below the Geisler tops at an altitude of 2000m. The Geisler tops build the North-Western part of the Dolomites and looked beautiful from below. The highest peak is the Furchetta with 3025m. We really enjoyed looking at the snowy Geisler tops while walking below them along the Adolf-Munkel-Weg. It was a really sunny day but as soon we were out of the sun, it was freezing cold, the ground was still frozen from the night. We had lunch at the New Gschnagenhardtalm, sitting outside in the sun and thinking that the tops were really close, they didn't look another 1000m of altitude.

In the evening I had to take some sunset photos from our east balcony.


I carried an empty backpack to the village of Feldthurns following the Keschtnweg (Keschtn means chestnuts) directly from our house for roughly an hour. We saw some impressive chestnut trees, quite a lot apple trees and had a good view into the Eisacktal. In Feldthurns, we filled the backpack with our weekend shopping and returned the same beautiful way. On the way back, we overtook quite a lot of people that went to the Huber restaurant that's directly besides the Gasserhof. Huber is well known in the area and a lot of people walk to it and spend some time eating and talking. With the beautiful weather, you could sit outside as long as the sun shined (it got quite soon cold once the sun goes down) and enjoy the food as we did earlier already.


In the morning we drove to Villanders which meant a total of 11 hairpin bends (1 going into the valley, 10 going up). From there we walked to Bad Dreikirchen, a tiny village (3 churches build besides each other, two restaurants, a house and an open air swimming pool) without a public road - and a tremendous view. In Dreikirchen we visited all three churches, had lunch stop at the Messnerhof and then went a bit further up the hill until Briol before going back to our car.

The first of the three churches, St. Gertraud, has been first mentioned at 1237, the others have been built around 1422. Each is a small church of its own - and they are build besides each other. The restaurant Bad Dreikirchen goes back to the year 1315 and already Christian Morgenstern and Sigmund Freud enjoyed their stay in Dreikirchen.

We saw some nice flowers - as well of lots of trees in their autumn colours.

Looking at the photos in the evening, I noticed a rather large black patch on them - the sensor had some dirt on it. I cleaned the sensor and took some shots of my favourite view to double check that everything was back to normal.


We did our highest (around 1050 m of elevation), longest (5 hours pure walking time) and most beautiful tour today: We walked from above Brixen to the Radlsee at 2284m. The walk was quite steep, and once we were above the tree line, we were amazed by the view and the meadows. At the end we had some good food at the Radlsee-Haus - and the highest Espresso we ever enjoyed. before going back again. The view to the tops was excellent, and below in the valley there were some clouds which gave the view some magic elements. The sun was shining excellent - the temperature (measured in the sun) at the Radlsee-Haus was 24 degrees C. We've been glad to have our one pair of walking sticks with us, so that both of us could use one stick. Now we have another Christmas wish: A second pair of walking sticks.

We decided to return home the next day since Jana had problems with her asthma every night (but not during the day) which made her undersleep a little - after discussing with our landlady, we think it has been an ozone problem at night.

Now, we're back in Fürth and do most of the usual stuff - shopping, laundry, cooking, etc. and sleep fine again.


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