Sunday, October 09, 2005

Vacation etc.

Jana and myself will leave on tuesday for two weeks of vacation (returning on the 23rd). We'll stay in an appartment in South Tyrol, Italy and plan to walk, relax, do some sigh seeing and photograph. I won't have any internet access but will take the cameras (and would have done it even without reading Marcus' advise to Sonja) and laptop (for organizing photos) with us.

Tomorrow I'm already off from work and since I didn't answer lots of emails last week due to much work with the 10.0 release, the beta testers and the release party, I now went through everything and have an empty inbox. Don't expect anything now from me.

Jana seems to have read Antje's blog and was inspired to draw some autumn scenes - which gives me time to write this.

After the vacation I've got to plan on better ways of releasing the SUSE Linux Alphas to the servers. The 10.0 files were too late on the server and the mirrors were not synched in time. Now the situation should be better again. Eberhard has done miracles on gwdg again (thanks Eberhard). Btw. we moved our Alpha roadmaps to have the releases one week earlier - which reminds me that I still haven't announced this ... (ok, done). Adrian will take care of the next alpha release while I'm on vacation.

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