Sunday, October 09, 2005

Betatester Meeting and Release Party

For SUSE Linux we had a small group of betatesters for quite some time. Some of them are testing SUSE Linux releases since 4.x - that means longer than I'm with SUSE. Wow!
We've invited these long time beta testers for some discussions about SUSE Linux and openSUSE on friday.

In the evening we had an informal 10.0 release party that I really enjoyed. Our trainees served cocktails and I had to taste a "Geeko" - a greenish drink that tasted better than it looked.

For saturday we screwed up - we planned to show the beta testers the town with a tourist guide but asked too late so that all were already booked :-(. Therefore, I downloaded the information about Nuernberg's Historical Mile and Christoph and myself guided a small group of beta testers through Nuernberg and showed the nicest parts. For the next tour, we better have a real guide that can answer questions :-).

Now I'll the sign the GPG keys of those that gave me on friday their keys to increase the web of trust.

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Loki said...

AJ, you're too hard with yourself, the Nürnberg tour was great. At least my girlfriend and I enjoyed it a lot ;)
Thanks for your efforts, thanks for the invitation and thanks for your time.