Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Time for SUSE Linux 10.0 RC1

I'm currently doing the last round of pre-tests of RC1. It looks really good and I'm impressed by the number of bugs that have been fixed for RC1 and that still come in and will go into RC2.

Some of the major changes for RC1 that I can think of directly:
  • The update to GNOME 2.12 (of those packages that were released in time, the rest goes into RC2). Fortunately the GNOME team had a hard code freeze already last week, so that beta4 contained all the code changes, now only documentation and localization updates together with critical bugs should come in for the RC. The two packages that did not seem follow this rule - and did not pass our internal testing - were libxml2 and libxslt.
  • Xen was updated and works under RC1.
  • We went back to installing GRUB in the MBR by default, there were too many broken BIOSes for now. We think we fixed all the reported problems but nevertheless for some systems installing in the MBR might be the only solution. For example, on Adrian's laptop the BIOS made the first partition always active and two active partitions did not work with the installed MBR - and neither would booting from the swap partition which is the first partition.
  • All translations went in - these were done by a number of volunteers and contractors (only exception: We missed to put in the non-English slideshow). I'd like to say a special thanks to the volunteers for their excellent work!
  • Hardware handling and hotplug was improved.
  • My SATA DVD-burner should work now (at least reading of CDs does work indeed).
  • libvorbis was fixed. The libvorbis team suspected a GCC4 bug but it was a bug in their code where they violated the strict ISO C aliasing rules. GCC did some agressive optimizations that were what the authors intented. I'm glad that our GCC team could figure this out and that it wasn't a GCC bug (ok, for now we still use -fno-strict-aliasing for the package but we know why it works).
  • A number of packages were updated like Amarok and FreeCiv.
  • The laptop support was improved in the areas powersaving and wireless support.
Ok, my laptop is updated to RC1, I should finish writing this, so that my workstation can be updated as well and then it's time to finish feeding all our mirrors so that tomorrow everything can be announced...


Kevin said...

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I love your blog! It certainly looks like you spent a log of time and effort on it! I'm definitely going to bookmark you!

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Mike said...

Although I am a Linux "newbie" and what you're posting is very advanced for me, I enjoy reading your material because it is well written. I have a blog where I'm documenting, certainly as a novice, my challenges with learning Linux (SuSE and MEPIS). Please check it out if you have time. Thanks.

jm said...


I'm testing this project from early days, and one of the main problems I found was when I installed on my laptop. well, the problem focus on the wireless card, in other linux it's possible to install the drivers, but unfortunately I cannot install the driver IPW2200 and the default one doesn't work.

Don't worry about that, this project is great and it works!! I'm currently downloading the latest version and I should try. Also the wireless card

Andreas Jaeger said...


install the wlan drivers from:

மு.மயூரன் said...

Can you please check whether scim and skim are working properly?
coz, I am not able to download the cd's..
input method is a big issue to me..
so please...

Andreas Jaeger said...

I personally do not use skim/scim. But a few of our developers do and I expect that this works at least as well as it did with 9.3.

மு.மயூரன் said...


jm said...

Hi Andreas,

just thanks you efforts, it works!! This new release seems to be more stable for laptops. And the theme is cool!!


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