Friday, August 05, 2005

OpenSUSE preparation

Besides answering a number of emails about openSUSE, we've prepared for the open beta test. I'm running now on my laptop our internal build (called preview4). The update of the RPMs from 9.3 went smooth but running some of the apps showed some rough edges, e.g. crashing applications. The profile switcher SCPM did not work
after the update, so I had to recreate my network configuration. This particular issue should be fixed now.

Since I installed on my IBM x40 laptop, I have to mention that the powersaving features, like frequency scaling, suspend to disk and suspend to resume work fine - this time suspend to resume worked without the need to add the acpi_sleep parameter that was needed for 9.3 to reinitialize the video card.

With the chance to fix (and introduce) a couple of bugs, beta 1 will be definitely beta quality :-).

Btw. does anybody know why my blog entries show up with a greaeter than on Planet SUSE and on Planet Novell? Is this a bug or can I do something here?

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