Thursday, August 04, 2005

OpenSUSE is public - a bit early...

When I first read yesterday morning the article on eweek I was rather frustrated. We've been working hard to keep this a secret because we wanted to
surprise the world at Linux World Expo San Francisco. Now it's been leaked, and also some of the information is not accurate.

On the other hand the week before, I've read the Linux magazine article by Jason Perlow . That one was an interesting read since it gave some background and proposals for openSUSE by
somebody that has not been involved with the project at all. I really liked Jason's suggestion to name the project "Geeko".

I'm glad to see other bloggers on Planet SuSE react enthusiastically like
Seb Payne or James Ogley (Yes, James, it's for real).

So, the project is called and spelled "openSUSE" and not "Geeko" - and to be announced next week. More on it later.

Btw. we will continue to deliver a product for the retail market but it will be called "SUSE Linux 10.0", so we removed the "Professional" from it.

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