Friday, August 05, 2005

Commenting on Seb Payne's openSUSE ideas

Reading Seb Payne's OpenSUSE - Ideas for SUSE Linux, I'd like to give some comments:

2. Have a look at our upcoming SUSE Linux 10.0 Beta1.

5. Officially it's SUSE already since some time. As it is with name changes, not everybody is happy with these, you can still find a website explaining the change from "S.u.S.E" to "SuSE" - and some time later it was changed to all caps. So, it's SUSE and openSUSE.

8. OpenSUSE is also about outside contribution. If somebody develops such a frontend or a QT-Theme so that YaST looks like a GNOME application, then let's discuss inclusion of it.

16.: We'd like to have a stable API and therefore waited for inotify to stabilize. Since inotify has been accepted by Linus, we'll have it in our kernel (btw. we're using 2.6.13-rcX now which has it also by default).

All theming issues: This is a can of worms, I'm not sure whether we found something that everybody agrees with. Let's better integrate these different themes in such a way that users have the choice to personalize their systems.

The other points are something that should be discussed on the mailing lists once they're up, I'd like to see more discussion on them.

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