Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bardentreffen Nuernberg

Last weekend was Bardentreffen (literal translation: Meeting of singers) in Nuernberg. On seven different places in the city (open air) more than 50 bands were part of the official program - and there were a number of smaller groups on the street playing music - and all for free. Claudi and Christoph visited us and we had a really cool weekend:

On friday we listend to the band Weißwurscht is - a bavarian band that played good music and let us laugh a lot. Afterwards we had some lunch and listened to the Modena City Ramblers. Unfortunately a real bad storm hit the whole festival and we arrived home completely wet.

Saturday afternoon Jana and Christoph gave us a private concert, they played on all four of Jana's recorders various pieces and seemed to have really enjoyed it. Afterwards we listened to the Scottish band Breabach and then to the acapella singers Flying Pickets. Then we walked around to listen to some other group but neither the Old Blind Dogs nor Julie Delpy could convince us.

Sunday evening we listened with more than 20000 others at the Hauptmarkt to the highlight (at least in our opinion): Capercaillie. All of them played excellent but we had the most fun watching David Robertson enjoy playing the bongos.
On monday, Jana still had sore hands from the whole clapping :-).

Yesterday evening I went through all the photos that I've taken and searched for the nicest one. I did not realize before how difficult it is to take great photos of concerts. Thorsten gave me some hints on taking better photos and Jana was my worst critic. After going once through the list, I counted them and noticed I had
42 photos so I decided to call it a day and publish these.

I'm looking forward to next year's Bardentreffen from 28. to 30. July 2006.

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