Friday, August 12, 2005

10.0 Progress

For SUSE Linux 10.0 beta2 a lot of bugs are getting fixed right now, thanks for all bug reports! Additionally beta2 will contain GNOME 2.12beta2 (thanks Gary!), kcal (a new VOIP application), ...

I integrated a fix for GCC PR 23326 which caused a miscompilation of kopete and we earlier added another GCC fix that let to miscompilation of libpcap (worked around for beta1 with -fno-strict-aliasing, now fixed properly).

The kernel got a number of fixes - including those from upstream going into 2.6.13. The current kotd (kernel-of-the-day) can be downloaded from our server or one of its mirrors.

Unfortunately localization is still work in progress.


gfabio said...

Woo !! I'm eager to test it ! I can't install beta 1 because I have a bug at the reboot (after CD1 installation). My computer says "No operating system" :-) I think Grub configuration file writing process doesn't work properly with me :-) I didn't find time to resolve it. So... I use 9.3. Thanks for your work.

Mike said...

I'm new to Linux. I have decided to try SuSE Linux 9.1 and SimplyMepis together on my test machine. I am documenting this entire experience on my blog -- My Linux Challenge.

I am very interested in openSuSE, have included a link on my blog and monitor your blog daily.

Andreas Jaeger said...

gfabio: Install in the MBR as documented on