Sunday, July 10, 2005

I love my camera...

I've gone through the photos I've taken the last weeks and have uploaded them to our server. Here's just some information on what I uploaded:

We spend a few days in June at a small hotel called Nakuk. The hotel is an excellent place where we relaxed directly after we arrived and then enjoyed with our friends Alex and Oli this beautiful area and some excellent food. More pictures are available here.

Last week (2005-07-02) there was a beach volley ball tournament in Fürth. Since Fürth has no beach, the organizers made an artificial beach on our main market place.
Some more photos can be found at our web server.

This weekend we have the Fürth Festival. At eight different places bands are playing. One of the highlights were the Kuban bands Madera Limpias (above) on friday and Seis del Sol (below) on saturday night.

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